Clamping force measurement device F-senso chuck

Technische Merkmale

  • No additional attachments necessary on the machine
  • Easy positioning through positioning aid
  • Automated switch-off


  • Suitable for 3 jaw chucks and vices.
  • The F-senso clamping force measurement device enables you to check the clamping force as well as the rotational speed of your clamping tools.
  • The centrifugal behavior is thus directly related to the accompanying software evaluated.


  • Broad clamping range of 75 - 175 mm through interchangeable pressure pins
  • Broad measuring range from 0 - 100 kN per jaw
  • Dynamic clamping force measurement under rotation up to 8250 rpm
  • Real-time data transmission via Bluetooth to included tablet
  • Delivered in the practical hard-shell case

Product price: 5.645,00 €

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Select product 179800 Clamping force measurement device F-senso chuck, Rotation Speed 0 - 8250 min-1, clamping force 0-300 kN Items available 5.645,00 €