Mit Bohr- und Drehbacken

The DURO-M is a manually geared scroll chuck with through hole that can be clamped automatically (hydraulically) by a CNC machine. It is mainly used for turning cylindrical and disc-shaped blanks.

Technische Merkmale

  • Chuck body (and all other components) made of steel
  • Centric clamping via spiral ring
  • Scroll plate drop forged and highly tempered, the thread flanks are ground on both sides.
  • Jaws in chuck ground out for concentricity
  • Zero drive determined in the factory as precision drive
  • The maximum permissible speed has been fixed so that 1/3 of the gripping force is ist ill available as residual gripping force if the maximum gripping is applied an the chuck is fitted with its heaviest jaws. The jaws may not project beyond the outside diameter of the chuck. The chuck must be in perfect condition. The specification DIN 6386 Part 1 shall be observed.
  • Clamping force to DIN 6350: The gripping force is the sum total of all jaw forces acting radially on the stationary workpiece. The specified gripping forces are approximnate values. They apply to chucks in a perfect conditiion which have been lubricated with Röhm F80 grease.
  • Scope of supply: chuck, operating key, jaws


  • Conventional clamping horizontal and vertical turning machines, as well as milling machines, rotary tables and dividing attachments. Predominantly for use in single or small batch production or in repair shops.
  • Clamping of rotationally symmetrical parts for turning and milling.


  • High concentricity up to 0.02
  • Jaws with gunmetal finish
  • Minimal interference contour
  • Optimum force transmission
  • Drip edge for coolant

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