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Size 3-5: clamping system mechanical-mechanical with power transmitter, manually operated.

Optimized for modern CNC milling machines and machining centers with very high working precision.
  • Drive spindle with clamping force presetting
  • Deformation-resistant design for maximum clamping precision
  • Fastening thread for workpiece stop
  • Clamping surface for clamping claws
  • With grease nipples installed on both sides, that all guides and the spindle thread can be lubricated quickly and easily
  • Sturdy steel body and all guides are hardened and ground on all sides
  • Sizes 3-5: long clamping slide with toothing
  • RKK = RÖHM, compact, power amplified
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Select product 148545 NC-Compact vice RKK, size 3, jaw width 135,clamping jaws SN+ standard insert SNS Items available 4.095,00 €
Select product 148682 NC-Compact vice RKK, size 4, jaw width 160,clamping jaws SN+ standard insert SNS Items available 5.605,00 €
Select product 149371 NC-Compact vice RKK, size 5, jaw width 200,clamping jaws SN+ standard insert SNS Items available 6.275,00 €