Built-in clamping head

  • Clamping and unclamping are hydraulic.
  • Mechanically locking.
  • After clamping, the system remains securely locked, even without hydraulic pressure.

Technische Merkmale

Centering must be ensured with additional elements, if required


Change interface for machine components


  • Maximum process reliability thanks to innovative design without wedge gear
  • High pull-in forces with extremely compact design due to power transmission in the clamping set
  • Integrated locking system maintains the clamping force, even without hydraulic pressure applied

Product price: from 2.115,00 €

Product number: Product name: Availability: Product price:
Select product 1191061 Built-in clamping head RESK, Size 30, Ø 36/38, clamping force 30kN Items available 2.115,00 €
Select product 1191063 Built-in clamping head RESK, Size 50, Ø 55,5/58, clamping force 50kN Items available 2.760,00 €