Technische Merkmale

  • With draw-down effect
  • Made of alloyed tool steel, hardened and very finely ground
  • Horizontally and vertically ground prism
  • No spindle which could cause contamination during electric discharge machining, for example


Mainly in tool construction on grinding, milling and engraving machines, on jig boring machines, for measuring and control work and for production operations requiring high clamping precision.


  • Easy clamping and unclamping with allen key
  • Clamping jaw adjustable in stages, snaps in automatically

Product price: from 154,00 €

Product number: Product name: Availability: Product price:
Select product 1111185 Grinding+ inspection vice PLF, size 0, jaw width 50,quick adjustment in accuracy to gauge Items available 154,00 €
Select product 1111186 Precision vice PLF, size 1, jaw width 73,quick adjustment in accuracy to gauge Production on request 228,00 €
Select product 1111187 Precision vice PLF, size 2, jaw width 100,quick adjustment in accuracy to gauge Production on request 308,00 €