MZK fixed shafts

  • With interchangeable centering taper attachments.
  • With fixed shaft.

Physical characteristics

  • Body hardened and ground
  • Centering taper insert hardened and ground

Application area

For counter-clamping workpieces with large boreholes, such as pipes on lathes and grinding machines.


  • High flexibility thanks to interchangeable centering taper attachments
  • Quick change of interchangeable centering taper attachments

Product price: from 181,00 €

Product number: Product name: Availability: Product price:
Select product 304580 Fixed shafts, Mount MT 4 Items available 181,00 €
Select product 304581 Fixed shafts, Mount MT 5 Items available 262,00 €
Select product 304582 Fixed shafts, Mount MT 6 Items available 525,00 €