EXTRA-RV 50 metal design

  • Impact-resistant quick-action drill chuck with radial locking and metal sleeve.
  • With through-hole for use of a locking screw.

Physical characteristics

  • With carbide inserts in the clamping jaws
  • Equipped with collision protector by freely rotating protection disc

Application area

The EXTRA 50 is a keyless quick-action drill chuck for use on hand-helduse on hand-held power tools. With a length of just 51 mmlength, it is the shortest professional drill chuck on the market. The compact design improves maneuverability and accessibility in tight spaces for the user. Added to this is the lower weight, which improves the top-heaviness of the entire machine and thus reduces wrist fatigue during prolonged work.


  • Easy clamping and locking with one manual operation for maximum user-friendliness
  • Radial locking device to prevent release of the drill bit during clockwise and counterclockwise rotation
  • Impact-resistant for universal use

Product price: from 39,40 €

Product number: Product name: Availability: Product price:
Select product 1322451 Keyless drill chuck EXTRA50-RV, size 13, mount 1/2"-20, metal Items available 39,40 €
Select product 1322450 Keyless drill chuck EXTRA50-RV, size 13, mount 9/16"-18, metal Items available 40,70 €