Key bar chuck (DURO-TA)

Physical characteristics

  • Weight reduction by up to 75% allows maximum utilization of the machine potential and the clamping of heavier workpieces
  • Flexible clamping range thanks to elongated guideways for faster conversion between large and small workpieces
  • Easy dismounting of the guideways for clamping smaller workpieces
  • Minimum interference contour and better workpiece accessibility thanks to compact design and a reduced design height by up to 78%
  • High stability thanks to direct support of the permanently screwed guideways

Application area

On turning and milling machines.


  • Weight reduction by up to 75%
  • Maximum flexibility and faster retrofitting
  • Innovative design with minimum interference contour and maximum stability

Product price: from 24.420,00 €

Product number: Product name: Availability: Product price:
Select product 180312 DURO-TA XT, size 750, 3 jaws Items available 24.420,00 €
Select product 180313 DURO-TA XT, size 1000, 3 jaws Items available 38.420,00 €
Select product 180314 DURO-TA XT, size 1250, 3 jaws Items available 46.200,00 €