• Clamping system mechanical, manually operated.
  • Standard version.
  • 3 set-up options thanks to two additional, perpendicularly machined support surfaces: bottom, right and front.

Physical characteristics

  • Solid and handy version
  • Body made out of cast metal
  • Movable jaw, guided on side
  • Solid clamping jaw with three vertical prisms and one horizontal prism
  • Both jaws with support surface for clamping flat workpieces
  • Jaws and spindle gunmetal-finished
  • Long mounting slots

Application area

For securely clamping workpieces on drills and measuring machines.


  • Entire clamping range within reach by turning
  • Constant design length, spindle moves protected in the handle
  • The thread spindle is covered by a protecting sleeve

Product price: 91,70 €

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Select product 007182 Drilling machine vice DPV 3-W, size 2, jaw width 100,V-jaw+ normal jaw SBO Items available 91,70 €