Heavy with draw-off nut

  • Universal version with extended centre point for heavy workpieces.
  • With draw-off nut.

Physical characteristics

  • Body hardened and ground
  • Tip angle 60°

Application area

  • For counter-clamping especially heavy workpieces on turning and grinding machines.
  • Especially suitable for use on NC-machines.


  • Robust 4-fold precision bearing for high speeds as well as high axial and radial loads
  • Reliable and safe clamping of heavy workpieces
  • Maximum concentricity deviation of 0.005 mm for maximum precision

Product price: from 1.105,00 €

Product number: Product name: Availability: Product price:
Select product 304521 Live centres- tip angle 60°, Mount MK 4, Size 484,draw-off nut Items available 1.105,00 €
Select product 304522 Live centres- tip angle 60°, Mount MK 5, Size 485,draw-off nut Items available 1.720,00 €
Select product 304523 Live centres- tip angle 60°, Mount MK 6, Size 486,draw-off nut Items available 3.025,00 €