Physical characteristics

  • Horizontally and vertically ground prism
  • Made of alloyed tool steel, hardened and very finely ground

Application area

Mainly in tool construction on grinding, milling and engraving machines, on jig boring machines, for measuring and control work and for production operations requiring high clamping precision.


Clamping and unclamping with threaded spindle

Product price: from 271,00 €

Product number: Product name: Availability: Product price:
Select product 1111182 Grinding and inspection vice PL-G, size 0, jaw width 60, grinding and inspection Items available 271,00 €
Select product 1111183 Precision vice PL-G, size 1, jaw width 73, precision vice Items available 341,00 €
Select product 1111184 Precision vice PL-G, size 2, jaw width 88, precision vice Items available 408,00 €