With one-sided drive spindle.

Physical characteristics

  • Vice with two movable clamping jaws and a stationary center jaw
  • Steel basic body as well as all guides hardened and ground on all sides
  • Fastening only possible with clamping claws (direct fastening on request)
  • Constant clamping force for every clamping operation and high repeatability when a torque wrench is used

Application area

  • For flexible clamping tasks on machining centers and other production systems.
  • Triple clamping function: Double clamping - Centric clamping - Single clamping.


  • Large clamp stroke (50 mm per jaw)
  • The clamping thread of the spindle is protected from dirt and chips in every basic jaw position
  • With grease nipples installed on both sides, that all guides and the spindle thread can be lubricated quickly and easily
  • Horizontal, vertical or side mounting

Product price: from 4.065,00 €

Product number: Product name: Availability: Product price:
Select product 180468 NC-Compact twin vice RKD-M, jaw width 92,reversible stepped jaws+ centre jaw Items available 4.065,00 €
Select product 180469 NC-Compact twin vice RKD-M, jaw width 125,reversible stepped jaws+ centre jaw Items available 5.240,00 €