Hydraulic actuation on request.

Physical characteristics

  • Sturdy steel body and all guides are hardened and ground on all sides
  • Long clamping slide with cross slots, hardened on all sides, functional surfaces ground
  • Threaded bores for taking up all RÖHM flat clamping jaws with jaw width 125/160 mm

Application area

Particularly suitable for use on machining centers.


  • Horizontal, side or in connection with a base plate vertical mounting, for example as DUO clamping tower (back to back)
  • Sturdy chip protection prevents chips from penetrating
  • Drive spindle with clamping force presetting
  • Clamping surface for clamping claws
  • Central lubrication of guides and spindle thread
  • Thread for fastening angle drive

Product price: from 2.680,00 €

Product number: Product name: Availability: Product price:
Select product 178411 NC-Compact vice RKE 92 Items available 2.680,00 €
Select product 178412 NC-Compact vice RKE 125 Items available 3.060,00 €
Select product 178413 NC-Compact vice RKE 160 Items available 4.755,00 €
Select product 178414 NC-Compact vice RKE 200 Items available 5.225,00 €