Serration 90°

  • Power chuck available with cylindrical centre mount or short taper mount.
  • 3-jaw version with serration 90° or tongue and groove.
  • 2-jaw version with serration (90°).

Physical characteristics

  • Universal construction of the piston connection (piston does not project into the spindle bore area, even with the piston position moved back)
  • Long jaw guide
  • Clamping inserts can be used for bar machining (special version)

Application area

Premium power chucks with through-hole for maximum speeds and optimized centrifugal forces.


  • Low centrifugal force losses and high Speeds thanks to special wedge hook system with annular piston
  • Larger than average through-hole for wide range of workpieces
  • Maximum precision thanks to rigid chuck construction
  • If necessary quick conversion to a different spindle nose by simple exchanging the centering adapter

Product price: from 2.850,00 €

Product number: Product name: Availability: Product price:
Select product 147282 power chuck KFD-HS 160, 2 jaws, serration 90°, ISO 702-I Items available 2.850,00 €
Select product 147286 power chuck KFD-HS 200, 2 jaws, serration 90°, ISO 702-I Items available 3.790,00 €
Select product 148023 power chuck KFD-HS 250, 2 jaws, serration 90°, ISO 702-I Items available 4.180,00 €
Select product 148031 148031 Items available 4.180,00 €