SLZK 08200-18

Version with extra slender clamping arms.

Physical characteristics

  • Central lubrication or manual lubrication possible, depending on the operating conditions
  • Standard version available with cylindrical or convex rollers
  • Available with and without chip protection
  • Prepared for end position check (limit switch not included in the scope of delivery)

Application area

Support of slender shafts with narrow intermediate distances for rational turning and end machining optimal for crankshafts and cam shafts.


  • Can be flexibly used thanks to support option in narrow in-between spaces
  • Large clamping range without change elements
  • Operational safety thanks to safety valve, even if pressure drops
  • Compact and sturdy design for variable use
  • High centering precision and repeatability thanks to proven cam lever system
  • Resilient chip protection for optimal workpiece wiping (for version "with chip protection")
  • Purge air connection to prevent penetration of dirt inside the steady rest

Product price: from 19.280,00 €

Product number: Product name: Availability: Product price:
Select product 1685643 SLZK 40200-18, slim clamping arms, out chip protector,cylindrical rollers Items available 19.280,00 €
Select product 1685642 SLZK 40200-18, slim clamping arms,chip protector,cylindrical rollers Items available 19.690,00 €