CoAE Grundkörper mit Morsekegel

  • Basic body with morse taper and hydraulic pressure compensation.
  • Clamping circuit Ø 8-80 mm.
  • Workpiece weight max. 100 kg.

Physical characteristics

Guide value for axially permissible total load on 3 support pistons: 20.000 N

Application area

For the rational of workpieces on its entire length without reclamping with maximum precision.


  • Constant clamping force thanks to hydraulic pressure compensation, even for uneven workpiece faces
  • Stable and constant workpiece length stop on the front side thanks to resilient centre point
  • Maximum concentricity deviation of 0.015 mm for maximum precision
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to universal exchange of driving disc and centre point

Product price: from 649,00 €

Product number: Product name: Availability: Product price:
Select product 1340429 Body CoAE, MK3 Items available 649,00 €
Select product 1340430 CoAE Body, MT4 Items available 676,00 €
Select product 1340431 CoAE Body, MK5 Items available 751,00 €
Select product 1340432 CoAE Body, MT6 Items available 937,00 €